Meet Callum Buczak, Horseland's latest sponsored rider!

We’d like to welcome our newest addition to the Horseland team, Eventing rider Callum Buczak!


To introduce our latest sponsored rider, we caught up with Callum to ask him some questions about his horses, his ambitions and much more.

How did you get involved with horses?

"I think my early years with horses were mostly up to parental influence! All I remember my whole childhood was wanting to ride my BMX, play football and do karate. Instead I was constantly being plonked back in the saddle. Thank goodness my parents persisted, I love what I do and I don’t think I was terribly good at karate anyway!"

What is your proudest equestrian achievement so far?

"I have two things that come to mind when I think of my proudest achievements so far. One would be winning the Victorian Young Event Horse Championships back-to back on two different horses. Producing young horses is a passion of mine and it was very rewarding to win this title with horses I started from scratch.

The other achievement would be jumping double clear and placing at my first ever 3* event earlier this year. I was particularly proud to achieve this again on a horse I had from the very start of his career, who has managed success at this level at just eight years old."

Which horse/horses are you excited about at the moment?

"That’s a tricky one; I have three favourites at the moment, all at different stages.

My current top horse Matavia Cheval (Bentley) continues to improve at only eight years old. We’re going around our first 3* competitions together and learning so much along the way, so every event that we step out at for this level is new ground for us. He is so consistent and reliable, so is the perfect horse for my first time at the more elite levels.

Callum riding Matavia Cheval at the Melbourne International 3 Day Event

The next would be Joie Du Lys (Moscow) who has just come back in after a bit of a break. He’s by far the most striking horse I have – he is the equine Zoolander of the group! He just stepped back up to 1* last event, with a win and will step up again to 2* next time, so I’m very excited to see how he performs.

IMG_1199 Joie Du Lys - Winner of the 1* class at Candlebark Horse Trials 2017

Last but not least is Caruso Heat (Ralph), who is our new kid on the block! He is a Thoroughbred trapped in a Warmblood’s body – the only thing about him that says Thoroughbred are his brands! Although he has only just done his first two events, he is showing so much promise and is completely my style of horse. Even though he looks so big and powerful, he has the temperament of a Labrador and always just wants a scratch. We just need to teach him to stay in his rugs and he will be perfect!"

Caruso Heat in his first ever Show Jumping round Caruso Heat in his first ever Show Jumping round

What is something most people don’t know about you?  

"You wouldn’t know if you just saw me on a horse as I keep it all hidden, but I have long dreadlocks that make me look like I should be holding a surfboard not a saddle. Joke is I can’t even surf!"

What are some of your short term/long term goals?

"A short-term goal would be to take Moscow and Bentley to the Adelaide International Three Day Event this year in the 2* and 3* classes and aim for some good results! It’s such an exciting event in an amazing setting and I can’t wait to get back there.

My long-term goal is to continue to establish my team of horses and my business at home on the Mornington Peninsula, as well as one day having a horse (or two) good enough to take on an overseas campaign."

 We are very pleased to welcome Callum on board, look forward to following his development as a rider and supporting him along the way.

To stay up to date with Callum’s Eventing news and results head over to his Instagram page here, or his Facebook page here.

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