Horseland Rider Rewards Club

What's new?

At Horseland, we pride ourselves on our stores having an unrivaled product selection, that meets your equestrian needs, and we thank you for shopping with us regularly.
Rider Rewards is a token of our appreciation for your shopping with us and has run for several years. We think it is time for an update! 

As of July 1st, Rider Rewards will become Rider Rewards Club and you will now be given the chance to win quarterly mega prizes, such as $15,000 of Jim's Fencing with any purchase over $100.
There are a few other changes too, to make the scheme simpler, more secure and in line with many other schemes. 

Our points are becoming much simpler to understand. From July 1st, when you spend $50 you collect 1 point. For every 5 points collected, you can get $5 back off your next shop with us as a thank you.
To enhance security, we want to remind all our members that only you should be collecting or redeeming points. We ask you to present your card to confirm your identity. It's important to have your e-mail address registered with us so we can use that to identify you if you don't have your card with you.

Finally, to keep the scheme fresh and relevant, points will now be eligible to be redeemed 12 months from purchase date. 
While the old scheme closes at the end of June, you will be pleased to know that your up to date dollar discount at June 31st will transfer in full to the new program on July 1st.
Just two things for you to do (1) Collect your new card and (2) please make sure you update your contact information so we keep you informed about Rider Rewards and all the other exciting offers we have for you.