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Heath Ryan


'Being good is all about opportunity...'

Elite event and dressage rider,

Heath Ryan has represented

Australia in both disciplines a

number of times, and competed

in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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Rozzie Ryan


'Stay focussed on your goals...'

Rozzie Ryan is a leading Grand Prix

dressage rider for Australia and

was reserve rider for the Australian

Dressage Team at the

Beijing Olympics.

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Amanda Ross


'1. Fitness. Mental & physical'

Amanda is an elite eventer, who has

competed in the Individual 3 Day Event

at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.  

She attributes her success to a great

mix of fitness and passion. 

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Rachael Downs


'Aim for the stars...'

Top Dressage rider Rachael Downs

competed at the Sydney 2000 Olympic

Games and represented Australia

at the World Equestrian Games.


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'Just keep kicking'

Robert is an accomplished eventer,

having competed at up to 4* level at

several elite events, whilst pursuing

his passion in breaking-in, pre-training

and re-ducating horses.

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 Gill Rolton


Throughout her International Eventing

career spanning 40 years, Gill has won

or placed in an array of elite events.

Most notably perhaps was when

Gill became the first Australian female

ever to medal at any Olympic Games

or National Championships.    



'You must first love your horses'

Grand Prix Dressage Rider Rebecca Woff

has achieved the title of Victorian

 Intermediate I Champion and is on the

 National Youth Development Squad

. She also takes great pride in having

 trained her horse to Grand Prix Level.

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Chelsea Priestley


'Work hard and your luck will come!'

Chelsea priestley is a successful

young eventer, achieving the prestigious

title of Amateur Eventing Rider of the Year

and placing 3rd at the Melbourne 3

Day Event in 2012.

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'Don't give up, it will pay off!'

Rebekah is one to watch in the eventing

world. Riding her horse Wilson, the successful

young eventer lists was  PCA National

Senior Eventing Champion 2011.

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Kylie Pedder


'Persistance will prevail when all all fails'

Kylie Pedder is an accomplished and

well respected eventing rider, who has

placed top 3 in all of the horse trials

she has entered in the past 3 years.

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Megan Cheeseman


'It's is easier to learn something correctly

than it is fix something that's done wrong'

Megan is an accomplished Show Rider,

the Barastoc Heavyweight Show Hunter

 Saddle Horse of the year 2011 and Champion

 Lady Rider at the Royal Melbourne Show 2012

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Rebecca Farrow


'No matter how big or small it is, always have

a goal in mind'

Champion show rider Rebecca has a long list

of achievements, the highlight of which for her

is being the winner of the prestigious

Garryowen event.

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'Love what you are doing...'

Stuart Tinney is an elite event rider for

Australia. He has competed at the WEG,

is a gold medalist from the 2000 Olympic

Games, was awarded an OAM in 2000

and was inducted into the

Sport Hall of Fame in 2003.

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