Understanding the 4 Levels of Waterproofness

Expertly designed jackets are the result of seamlessly integrating waterproofing and breathability features. While these elements are different, they work together to ensure maximum functionality.

The effectiveness of waterproof fabric is measured by its ability to withstand water in millimeters before leaking. This measurement signifies the fabric's capability to keep you dry, even in extreme conditions. For optimal comfort during outdoor adventures, it's crucial to choose a fabric with a high waterproof rating.

Breathability is determined by the amount of water vapor that can penetrate a square metre of fabric within 24 hours, typically measured in grams. With precise breathability measurement, you can select fabrics that keep you cool and comfortable in any weather.

Stay dry and comfortable with our waterproof jackets designed for any weather condition. Choose quality fabrics with high waterproof ratings for an enhanced outdoor experience.


Understanding the 4 Levels of Waterproofness

Expertly designed jackets combine waterproofing and breathability features for maximum functionality. Measuring a fabric's effectiveness involves its ability to withstand water before leaking, ensuring you stay dry in extreme conditions. Choose a fabric with a high waterproof rating to stay comfortable during outdoor adventures and extreme weather. Breathability is determined by water vapor penetration within 24 hours, allowing you to stay cool and dry whatever the weather.

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Everyday Protection
Water Resistant

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If you are searching for a dependable water-resistant finish that can withstand light showers, the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment applied to the outer fabric shell is an excellent option. Though its effectiveness will decrease over time, it lasts for numerous washes. It is a great choice for staying dry in occasional rainy weather.


Everyday Protection
Waterproof 5,000mm & Breathable 5,000g

Looking for a rain-resistant jacket? Search no further than our 5,000mm WP rated jacket, engineered to withstand 5 metres of water penetration. Stay comfortably dry in any rain shower and experience exceptional breathability with 5000g breathability. Don't compromise on expert-level protection from the elements.


Ultimate Protection
Waterproof 10,000mm & Breathable 10,000g

Discover our dependable waterproof solution that offers exceptional performance in heavy precipitation and consistent moderate to heavy rain. Our product boasts an impressive WP rating of 10,000mm, meaning it has been rigorously tested to withstand the penetration of water up to 10 metres. Moreover, with a breathability rating of 10,000g, you can rely on it to provide utmost comfort in any weather conditions. Count on our expertise to ensure your dryness and comfort, regardless of the circumstances.

*WeatherBeeta WB3 level breeches are breathable rating 3,000g.


Maximum Protection
Waterproof 20,000mm & Breathable 10,000g

Weatherproof for Optimal Performance: Our product is designed to endure extreme and consistent heavy weather conditions, including snow, with maximum waterproofing. With a WP rating of 20,000mm (tested to withstand 20 metres of water) and a breathability rating of 10,000g, it provides superior protection and comfort. As experts in this field, we prioritize high-quality gear that performs when needed the most. Stay protected and comfortable in challenging weather scenarios.

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