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VIrbac Equimax


A Guide to Faecal Egg Counts

The common practice of deworming all horses at regular intervals using a rotational dewormer without performing diagnostic tests such as faecal egg counts is poor practice and could lead to devastating health consequences for your horse.

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Kelato QuikHEAL

Product Announcements

Greasy Heel

Greasy Heel (or also known as Mud Fever) is an inflammatory condition of the skin (dermatitis) caused by bacteria, mites and fungi present in the soil or bedding. It is most commonly found on the lower limbs, particularly in the non-pigmented areas.

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caring of hooves

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Sharing in the caring of hooves

Taking care of your horse’s hooves, whilst not the easiest part of owning a horse, is vital to making sure your horse remains happy and healthy. Unhealthy hooves can not only lead to short term problems that can affect your riding plans, but could also lead to long term damage resulting in a horse that can no longer be ridden.  A few easy steps added to your daily routine will go a long way to ensuring that your horse’s hooves are strong and healthy.

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Ice Boots

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Ice Boots - what you need to know!

In some instances, heat in horse’s joints, ligaments or tendons can create long lasting, cellular damage. Overtime this can create a number of issues such as arthritis, tendon and ligament issues.
We all want the best for our horses and like to treat them like the athletes they are, which is where Ice Boots come in!

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