9 Tips and Tricks to Remembering your Dressage Test

2 min read

No matter what level you’re riding at, we’ve all forgotten our test every once in a while. We’ve got some tips you need to know to help remember it and never forget again…

  1. Ensure you’ve got some letters on your arena to start training prior to your competition day. We’ve got a huge variety of arena letters, from the Roma Dressage Cones to the Roma Hanging Dressage Letters and more!

  2. Read through your dressage test a couple of times and get familiar with the markers and movements you need to execute.

  3. Ride the test through in your mind. Please take into account what your horse might do in each movement and note it down on the test sheet. This will help you prepare for it once in the arena.

  4. Step out of your test! It may sound crazy but position your markers as they would be in the arena and walk it out.

  5. Draw your test out on the super handy Roma Dressage Test board. This can help you visualize exactly where you need to ride and the touchpoints.

  6. Read through the test out loud without looking at the sheet. If you can remember it then, you’re ready to have a practice ride through it.

  7. Ride the test a couple of times on your horse, this can help you understand what you need to work on and the significant movements you need to remember. Be careful though, horses are incredibly smart and can often start to anticipate what you’re going to do or what’s coming next!

  8. Record yourself riding the test. The Pivo makes recording yourself super easy! Use this footage to look back on where you’re going and what you need to prepare for better on the day. Shop the Pivo in select stores.

  9. The competition day is here! Take some time before you go into the arena and watch some of the riders before you. This can help remind you where to go and what you might need to watch out for!



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