Boost Feed Efficiency and Gain Condition with EquiShure

Gastrointestinal problems often result in weight loss, regardless of how nutritious the diet may be. Erica Sorkin found this out firsthand as she tried to add condition to her new Thoroughbred gelding.

“I bought Brodie in early July. He was thin and in poor condition,” said Sorkin. “I immediately started treating him for ulcers and began giving him a pelleted feed, which I soaked in water to the saturation point before feeding.”

Initially, Brodie was fed nine quarts of feed per day, split into three feedings.

Enter EquiShure, a time-released hindgut buffer that moderates the pH of the cecum and colon, and improves feed efficiency. Keeping the hindgut healthy is essential when horses eat large grain meals; otherwise, health problems such as colic and laminitis may ensue, and digestion efficiency suffers.

Since Sorkin added EquiShure to Brodie’s diet, things have changed, all for the better.

“I’ve had fantastic results with EquiShure,” she said. “Brodie is eating much less feed, about four quarts in two feedings, and his weight is improving. He is turned out on pasture all night and gets about half a bale of orchardgrass hay in his stall during the day.”

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