Five Reasons Why Hoof Oil Is Important

2 mins read

We are excited to announce the release of the latest Horseland product Horseland Hoof Oil. The Horseland Hoof Oil has been specifically formulated to support overall hoof health. It includes all-natural ingredients formulated to strengthen, hydrate, and protect the horse’s hoof including the coronet and sole, and, unlike other hoof oils on the market, it has no nasty additives or animal bi-products.


Whilst the use of hoof oil is commonplace, many are not aware of how important it is for maintaining the hoof health and overall well-being of your horse. Here are five reasons why hoof oil is an important part of your grooming routine:


1. Prevents Cracking and Splitting

Dry hooves can be prone to cracks and splits, which make a horse more prone to developing fissures or picking up an infection. Hoof oil helps to keep hooves moisturised and promote overall hoof integrity.


2. Promotes Hoof Health

We all know the saying that a healthy hoof means a healthy horse. Well cared-for hooves are less likely to develop issues such as abscesses, thrush and other problems that could hinder your horse in their athletic pursuits.


3. Moisture Balance

Hoof oils works to assist in maintaining optimal moisture balance in a horse’s hooves to ensure a healthy foot. The oil helps prevent hooves from becoming overly dry or wet, which can cause weakness and damage.


4. Protects Against Environmental Factors

A horse’s hooves are exposed to various environmental factors, including mud, rocks, water, and heat. Hoof oil works to act as a protective barrier, helping to repel moisture, dirt, and debris, as well as reduce wear and tear on the hooves.


5. Enhances Appearance

A good quality hoof oil can give a horse's hooves a polished and attractive appearance. This is especially important for show horses, as well-kept hooves form a significant part of their overall presentation.

An added benefit of Horseland Hoof Oil is the thick consistency which leaves minimal mess and the quality tub which stops leaks and spillage. 

It’s important to always use hoof oil as directed, as misuse or overuse can also lead to hoof issues. Consult with your farrier or veterinarian to determine the right hoof care regime for your horse’s specific needs.


At Horseland we stock a huge range of products to help with your horse's hoof care plus and ongoing well-being. Head into your local Horseland store or browse our range of horse health products online.