Health Is Wealth: Why Your Horse Needs Vaccinations

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Just like humans, horses need to be vaccinated regularly too. Vaccinating your horse is something that can be forgotten until they injure themselves and the vet asks when their last vaccination was, or disease breaks out. Let's dive into the world of vaccinations, because keeping our equine buddies happy and healthy is what it's all about.


Tetanus is a sneaky threat

Have you heard of tetanus? It's like an invisible enemy lurking in the corner, waiting for a chance to strike. Tiny cuts or scrapes can let these sneaky bacteria in, and trust us, you don't want that! By giving your horse a quick dose of Zoetis Equivac® 2in1 vaccine every year, you’re giving them a shield against this silent troublemaker.

Zoetis Equivac 2 in 1 Vaccine

Strangles is sure to ruin any party

Strangles is the party crasher of the horse world – it's highly contagious and nobody wants it around! Vaccinating your horse against strangles isn't just about keeping them safe; it's about being a hero for the whole horsey community. Let's keep the stables' vibe positive and germ-free by keeping boosters up to date.  Horses that are 'party animals' (meaning they like to socialise and mix with other horses) should have boosters every 6 months.  Equivac® 2in1 protects against both tetanus and strangles.


Prevention is key

Being a horse owner comes with its responsibilities, and one of them is making sure your best friend is in tip-top shape! Vaccinations are like a health booster, ensuring your horse stays strong, happy, and ready for all the adventures you have in store together.

So, fellow horse lovers, let's make a pact to be health heroes for our four-legged friends. Make sure your horse receives at least one dose of Zoetis Equivac® 2in1 every year. Here's to health, happiness, and endless horse snuggles.


At Horseland, we’re here to help care for your horse’s wellbeing. We offer all the essentials to keep your horse healthy and happy, including 2 in 1 vaccines, wormers and equine first aid supplies, supplements and pest control. Head into your local Horseland store or browse our range of horse health products online. 

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