How To Care For Your WeatherBeeta Rug

Your WeatherBeeta rug may need cleaning from time to time - and certainly after each season. Here is a guide to help you.

While all WeatherBeeta rugs can be machine washed at home, this will depend on the capacity of your drum and machine specification. If you are in any doubt we recommend you seek out the local services of a professional rug eashing business to care for your rug.

  1. Remove excess dirt, mud and hair from your rug
  2. Remove all detergent build up from your detergent dispenser
  3. Place your rug in a mesh wash bag to contain all the straps and buckles protecting them from being damaged and protecting your machine
  4. Machine wash your rug on a gentle delicate cycle using mild soap or a rug cleaning wash, such as Nikwax 'Rug Wash' (always follow the manufacturer's washing instructions)
  5. Do not use detergents or fabric conditioners as you risk compromising your WeatherBeeta's unique waterproof and breathable coating
  6. For best results, re-proof your rug to add durable water repellency and revitalise breathability. Use a rug proofer, such as Nikwax Rug Proof (always follow the manufacturer's proofing instructions)
  7. Line dry your WeatherBeeta rug. DO NOT tumble dry

Watch this video for more details

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