KER EquiShure Helps with Digestive Upsets

Purchasing a year’s hay supply in one fell swoop constitutes wishful thinking for many horses owners. More often than not, owners must buy appropriate hay one load at a time on an as-needed basis. Changing the diet, even switching from one hay to another, can impact the pH of the horse’s hindgut.

While some horses handle this change with no noticeable health concerns, others have more tempestuous gastrointestinal tracts, and feed changes might induce low-level colic, loose manure, and the development of certain stables vices.

Nutritional supplements are often given to horses to help balance pH in the cecum and colon. EquiShure®, a product developed by Kentucky Equine Research, is designed to encourage proper digestion and absorption of nutrients to stabilize hindgut pH.

In addition to feed changes, EquiShure is useful anytime fructan levels in cool-season pasture grasses increase or when large amounts of concentrates must be fed to satisfy energy requirements of hard-working horses. In these instances, sugars and starches escape digestion in the small intestine and pass to the hindgut undigested, which causes pH to change, setting the stage for hindgut acidosis. EquiShure staves off hindgut acidosis, ensuring the gastrointestinal tract functions normally.