New Dog Owner Checklist

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Have you got these essential dog supplies for your new furry friend?

It’s so exciting becoming a dog owner, but hard to know what exactly is needed for your new family member once you bring them home. Follow our checklist below to get prepped for the arrival of your new fur baby.


1. Coming Home

Travelling in the car can be quite tricky with a new dog. Keep them secure and safe with the WeatherBeeta Car Seat Belt Attachment. A super versatile attachment that buckles into your car’s seatbelt system to keep them from moving around while you’re driving.

WeatherBeeta Car Seat Belt Attchment WeatherBeeta Car Seat Belt Attchment
WeatherBeeta Car Seat Belt Attchment
WeatherBeeta Padded Colour Leather Dog Lead WeatherBeeta Padded Colour Leather Dog Lead
WeatherBeeta Padded Colour Leather Dog Lead

Once you’ve picked up your new pooch, begin familiarizing them with a new collar and lead whilst they’re still at home or in training. It can be so much fun selecting from a range of colors and styles to suit your dog’s personality. But it’s most important that you get the collar tags filled in with your dog’s name, your name, and your contact number. If your dog loses it way, you can be easily contacted to be reunited. Our Padded Leather Dog Collar comes with a space to be filled in with your contact information, no tags needed!

No matter the age of your new furry friend getting good rest is essential for their health and growth. Have a comfortable dog bed ready for them when they get to their new home. Making a safe space for them is also really helpful with training as this will be a whole new environment for your doggo. Add some blankets and toys so they have additional warmth and enjoyment in their new bed.

When it comes to mealtime provide them with an easily accessible dog bowl depending on their size. We offer multiple colours and sizes that feature a non-slip and removable silicon outer for ease of cleaning. You’ll also need an additional dog bowl that should be regularly filled up with fresh water for them to drink any time of the day or night.


2. Exercise

It’s no secret dogs like to get dirty. Whether they are jumping in mud puddles or rolling in hay, keeping them clean can certainly be tricky!

Dog towels are needed for a range of things, such as drying your dog after a bath or cleaning their wet paws after a walk in the rain. Our Weatherbeeta Dog Towel is made from a microfiber material that’s ideal for drying your dog quickly. Having a dog towel is always super handy to have in your car and home. 

WeatherBeeta Dog Towel WeatherBeeta Dog Towel
WeatherBeeta Dog Towel

It’s an important part of a dog’s development to ensure that they’re regularly exercised and played with. Whether you and your pooch are off for an energetic run along the beach, quiet walk in the park or attending dog training sessions, be prepared for any situation with the right equipment.

A well-designed and comfortable harness is essential for obedience training and teaching your dog or puppy to walk at a steady pace without pulling. A brightly coloured harness can also be helpful to keep an eye on them when meeting a bunch of other dogs at the park. Our Anti Pull/Travel Harness even features reflective piping to identify your dog in the dark!

There’s nothing worse when you’re out and about than your dog having to go and you don’t have anything to clean up with. Make sure you never forget to bring loo bags with the WeatherBeeta Leather Bone Poo Bag holder. The cute bone shape is made from soft leather and features a swivel clip that will attach to any dog lead and a zip to easily add your bags. Never get caught without it again!


3. Grooming

During the winter months our dogs feel the cold, and just like we need to layer up, so do our four-legged friends. At WeatherBeeta we offer a huge range of indoor and outdoor dog coats for those chilly days and nights.

WeatherBeeta Thermi-Heat Dog Coat WeatherBeeta Thermi-Heat Dog Coat
WeatherBeeta Thermi-Heat Dog Coat

NRG’s Doggie No-Nots is another must-have for your dog after giving them a bath or if they’re in need of a freshen up. The locally Australian-made formula assists in the drop out of knots and tangles when grooming your dog, especially the long hair kind. The spray will add a shine to your dog’s coat for days and will leave them smelling amazing.

Does your dog have fair skin or nose? The NRG Doggie Pink Noze is a soft barrier sunscreen for their white and pink skin. Very similar to your horse’s Pink Noze, it protects them from sunburn and windburn on those hot summer days. Containing Vitamin E and natural oils, plus it’s water-resistant which lasts on them for days.


4. Dog Coats

All our dog coats feature the highest standards of quality, performance and durability. Take the ComFiTec Classic for example. Available in various sizes this stylish doggy coat features a tough 600 denier waterproof and breathable outer, 100g of warm polyfill, durable polyester lining and adjustable touch tape for a secure fit.

If you're after a polar fleece dog coat the ComFiTec Fleece will fit the bill perfectly. This warm and breathable fleece coat features anti-pill polyester for maximum comfort, plus comes in a variety of colours and prints.

If you’ve got a particularly active dog, the ComFiTec Active Dog Coat provides both freedom of movement and protection, whilst being showerproof and windproof. It even features reflective piping for safety at night.

You may have chosen to adopt an older dog, so our ComFiTec 1200D Therapy-Tec Dog Coat would be a great option. It’s designed with ceramic lining to relieve pain associated with arthritis or to simply keep your new companion warm and comfortable.

With a range of coat colours and sizes to choose from we've got everything your pooch needs to stay protected, cosy and stylish!

Getting a new dog can be quite daunting if you haven’t had one before. Having the right supplies and equipment can make things less stressful for both you and your pooch.

At Horseland we’re here to support you in your dog ownership journey. We love meeting your dogs, so bring them into one of our 50 Horseland stores Australia-wide. You can also browse our range online and receive free shipping for orders over $150.


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