Team Horseland’s Winter Must-Haves

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Winter has well and truly arrived in Australia! Although our northern and western states may not be feeling the chill just yet, it’s set in down in our southern states. Find out what products team Horseland are picking to get them and their horses cosy and warm.


Sophia Hill

 Sophia hails from Mansfield in the High Country, Victoria so cold weather is no stranger to her! Competing in eventing, being warm all weekend long is important and this top pick definitely comes in handy for that:

“My favourite winter product is definitely the Dublin Eva Jacket. This puffer jacket is the warmest I have ever worn! It is also incredibly comfortable and stylish, being suitable to wear at non-horsey events too. The longer length adds so much extra warmth, with no cold wind able to sneak up your back, and coziness provided all the way down to your knees! It is definitely my go-to jacket for a cold weekend at a horse show!”

Emma Booth

Emma’s been a longtime user of WeatherBeeta rugs so it’s no surprise one of these luxurious winter rugs was up there in her top picks to keep her horses warm. Paired with a lovely vest from Euro-Star for herself, team Booth are ready to battle the chilly conditions on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.  

“I'm loving the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ultra Cozi II Detach-A-Neck 300Gm this winter. The fit, the quality and versatility. It sits on every horse perfectly, regardless of their shape or size and never leaves any rub marks on shoulders or withers. This is so important for my horses to be comfortable and protected from the harsh Melbourne winter weather. The detachable neck feature allows me to adjust it on those very rare occasions when the sun is out and shining. 

This season you'll also find me wearing the Euro-Star Laverro Bodywarmer.  This is everything I look for in an everyday vest, it offers both comfort and style. It has a true-to-size fit and comes with a generous hood - which amazingly clips down at the back of the vest (preventing flapping when you're riding). This vest is lightweight and allows for easy movement, making it an ideal choice for layering for me. I always feel confident and comfortable when I'm wearing it which is so important for the long hours out training for competition."

Stuart Tinney

Winter is clipping season and for Stuart Tinney his top picks ensure the perfect clip and extra warmth afterwards!

"The Heiniger Opal A5 2 Speed Clipper are a cordless clipper with two speeds and are really quiet. They’re great for trims or clipping the entire horse and are very quiet so the horses love them!

When it comes to rugging in the colder seasons we can’t go past the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ultra Tough II Detach-A-Neck Medium. This rug is extremely tough with ultimate strength 1680 denier outer shell with EcoEliteTeflon coating that is both waterproof and breathable, 220g polyfill and detach-a-neck makes it perfect for that autumn-to-winter change so you can use it for day or night. It’s also compatible with the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Liner system, so we pair this rug with the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Cotton Liner which is super convenient. You won’t get any slip and you won’t need to use an additional cotton rug."

Rebekah Italiano

You can’t go through winter in Melbourne without a good pair of gumboots, and that couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to Bek Italiano’s winter top pick…

"The Bogs Gumboots are my must-have to get yourself through winter. They’re SO comfortable, featuring a dual-density, contoured EVA footbed which feels like no other and they’re 100% waterproof making them perfect for walking through mud and even water jumps! These really are the boots you need to keep your feet warm and dry no matter the weather."

Gemma Tinney

Being based near Sydney in NSW, the Tinney’s often get milder winter conditions and Gemma’s choices are perfect for these!

“The WeatherBeeta Summer Sheet Cotton Combo is fantastic for year round use, even in winter underneath the turnout rugs. We often get nice sunny days and this summer sheet is great as it doesn’t have any airstream but still 60% cotton for breathability. 

I like to wear long sleeves all year round to protect my skin from working in the sun all day, so the Dublin Cassidy Long Sleeve is great to wear by itself on those sunny winter days or as a base layer for extra warmth. It comes in three colours, but the black goes with everything!." 


At Horseland we’re here to keep you and your horse warm, dry and protected throughout winter! Check out our great range of products for horses and riders. Our friendly team is always eager to provide assistance and recommendations with our products. Visit us in-store, call 1800 021 980 between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, or send an email to

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