The inside track to peak performance

No matter what part our horse plays in our life – our hobby, passion or career – we all want to see them as healthy, happy and performing at their peak. And since you know your horse better than anyone, when something is wrong, you’re usually the first to sense it.

Healthy gut. Happy horse.
Many issues affecting our horses stem from unbalanced gut health. In developing GastroAID Recovery and GastroAID Everyday, we’ve focused on digestive problems that affect:

• 37% of sport and leisure horses
• 50% of foals
• 60% of horses in training
• 66% of endurance horses and
• 90% of racehorses.

GastroAID is a scientific digestive formula that aids recovery and maintains peak gut health. It includes a number of ingredients that promote gut health in different ways – from strengthening stomach linings to blocking harmful bacteria.

The proof is in the performance
Since using our products, some of Australia’s most well-known trainers and riders have already seen a big difference in their horse’s performance, condition and behaviour. And now you can too.

Trust your gut feeling. Because no one knows your horse like you.