Therapy-Tec Testimonial from The Emotional Pony

"I have been trying out the Therapy-Tec range for a few weeks now and I have been very impressed by the range! Studying full-time often leaves me pressed for time which I worry affects Manu's muscle recovery post working him. So, I have been popping the Therapy-Tec stable boots and combo rug on him to see what it is all about. The idea behind the range is that the interwoven ceramic fabric technology aids in muscle warm up by increasing blood circulation and this in turn can aid in a more prompt oxygen delivery to muscles and the removal of metabolites built up from working them. This is what I observed; a horse happier horse. Manu was more willing to work on tasks he usually finds challenging, for example bending, his absolute least favorite thing in the world. This usually requires a more extensive warm up and some good stretches afterwards, but I noticed that he became quicker and happier to pick this up. Magic? - Perhaps? Therapy-tec? - Likely!

Intrigued I brought the rug and boots home. I had been studying for finals for a week straight and had sore legs and back from sitting down and hunching over my books. So I did what every other level-headed equestrian would do; I popped the boots around my own legs and wrapped the rug around me like some type of extra fancy Snuggy. I must admit it was toasty warm and strangely comforting... I didn't quite have enough time to make up a conclusion for use on humans, but let's just say... if the rug and boots go missing from my tack room it may be worth taking a look in my study at home.

Overall this is definitely a range I will continue to use on Manu as I believe it has a positive impact on his muscle warm up and recovery. I can definitely recommend this to others!"

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