We Love our Equestrian Mums!

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As equestrians, we are so grateful for all the support our mums provide. For all the times they’ve driven us to riding lessons or pony club. For all the money they’ve spent on matchy matchy sets. For all the early mornings, late nights and long weekends at competitions. Here we ask some mums of #TeamHorseland “What’s the most rewarding thing about being the mum of an equestrian?” Here are their answers… 

Karen Tinney, mum of 4* eventer Gemma and Jaymee Tinney

“I love being a mum. I have two amazing daughters who I am very proud of, and I love watching their dedication and drive in order to achieve their dreams.”

Jo Darby, mum of eventer Juliette Darby

“Most rewarding has been observing my daughter’s extraordinary personal growth into a capable, caring and courageous young woman, seeing her navigate the highs and lows of her chosen sport with relentless commitment, resilience and passion. Equally rewarding is spending precious time together at competition weekends away, cheering her on during the day, watching her do what she loves and then settling in for a night of card games in the float.”


Donna McDougall, mum of 5* eventer Bek Italiano

“I love going and watching Bek ride whether it is at the paddock or at a competition. My proudest moment was watching her ride 5* at Adelaide on her pony club mount ESB Irish Patience aka Wilson. My most rewarding moment was seeing her as a two-year-old riding my 15hh TB x Chickita and getting mad at him because he wouldn't go where she wanted him to go.”


Cheryl Thompson, mum of Grand Prix dressage rider John Thompson

“The most rewarding thing about being a mum of an equestrian is that your child becomes your best friend that you can share your passion with. I’m so proud of John riding GP and winning at the highest levels, but more proud of the daily effort and years of work he has put in to reach this level. As a mum I don’t get prouder as he wins higher levels, I get prouder of the dedication, hard work and the wonderful human being he has become.”


Melissa Frazzetto, mum of eventer Amy Frazzetto

“The most rewarding part of being the mum of an equestrian is the quality time shared with our family and beloved horses. We have been fortunate to form wonderful friendships with like-minded families along the way. Horses have always been a big part of my life and have provided much enjoyment and treasured memories over the years. After a lifetime with horses, my 90 year old mum still loves to be involved, and comes along to most horse events to support her grand-daughters.”


Jaynia Inge, mum of dressage rider Lulu Inge

“Watching my daughter’s dedication and determination pay off with a successful relationship with her horse is so rewarding. Sharing the passion with her is truly the most enjoyable.”

Kim McDonald, mum of pony clubber Alix McDonald

“I love being a mum to an equestrian, being able to share my passion of horses with our daughter has been pretty special. The dreams of a quiet shared trail ride in the bush has never really eventuated, ‘How boring MUM, walking is way too slow!’ But, watching Alix create lifelong horsey friends, that I’m sure like me, she will look back oFn thinking these were the best days ever! Pony club rallies, pony club camps, event sleep overs in the back of horse floats, dam swimming or sleeping in your jodhpurs as you didn’t want to waste any time in the morning. Thinking about it, it really is all about the socializing with your friends, but it’s our beautiful horses that take us along for the ride that creates the memories that always make you smile.”

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