What’s the Deal with Denier?

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A guide to picking the strength of your turnout rug.

Thinking about what turnout rug to buy and not exactly sure what denier means when weighing up options? Here we explain what denier is, why it’s important and take you through our rugs that feature various deniers.

Denier is a unit of measurement for the weight and thickness of the fibres used in the fabric of a rug. A higher denier indicates stronger outer fabric, which is more suitable for rug wreckers. The lower the denier the lighter the weight of the fabric. 

When deciding between rugs it's important to consider the denier count, the fabric it’s made from and your horse's needs. 

It’s also important to note, denier does not have any relation to waterproof abilities. Finally, nylon is a stronger fabric than polyester and is suited to horses that are rough on their rugs.


Green-Tec 900 DenierGreen-Tec 900 Denier

Green-Tec 900 Denier PET

This is our eco-friendly rug. The 900 denier outer is breathable, waterproof and made from PCR (post-consumer recyclable plastic). Each Green-Tec rug saves over 240 plastic bottles from going into landfill or the ocean. The Detach-A-Neck Medium style offers versatility for the warmer months and quick-clip front closures allow maximum adjustably. Best part? It comes in a version for your doggo too!


1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon

Considering thick hosiery tights are 100 denier, you can image how strong a 1680 denier rug would be! In fact, these are our strongest rugs on the market. Made from durable Nylon yarns with added Teflon® coating woven in a tight ballistic basket weave for the ultimate strength. The WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ultra Tough II Detach-A-Neck Medium is suitable for horses who are super tough on their rugs, a.k.a rug wreckers! While the WeatherBeeta Ultra Cozi II range offers the snuggest rugs (and dog coat!) we've ever made.


ComFiTec Ultra 1680 DenierComFiTec Ultra 1680 Denier
ComFiTec Premier 1200 DenierComFiTec Premier 1200 Denier

1200 Denier Triple Weave

These rugs feature a three dimensioned weave that interlocks to offer extra strength and durability. They’re suitable for horses that need medium durability in their rugs. Have a look at our Premier Trio and Premier Free II styles, along with Plus Dynamic II rug range.


1200 Denier Rip Stop

To add strength to the fabric and stop the spreading of tears, the yarns of these rugs are woven in a crosshatch pattern. They are ideal for horses that are medium on their rugs. Check out our Premier Mane Shield and Premier Thinsulate styles, along with our Essential range.


600 Denier

Similar to the above, these rugs feature a crosshatch weave, however this style is better suited for the sensibly rugged horses who are gentler on their rugs. View our Classic range.


ComFiTec 600 DenierComFiTec 600 Denier


Horseland is the rug specialist, with the biggest range, best brands and best value. From nylon turnout rugs for the southern cold states to breathable canvas rugs for the warmer yet wet northern states, we’re proud to offer the largest variety of horse rugs in Australia to keep your horse happy and protected all year round. Head into your local Horseland store or browse our full range of rugs online.


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