Which Summer Sheet is best for my horse?

WeatherBeeta have a large range of Summer Sheets available and with so many options to choose from, it can often be confusing to know which is most suitable for your horse!

We take a deeper look into the features of the WeatherBeeta Summer Sheets and key factors to consider when choosing the best WeatherBeeta Summer Sheet for your horse.

  • Durability
  • Breathability
  • Protection



Measured in grams, determining the strength & durability of the rug. WeatheBeeta have 190g, 270g & 360g weight options available.

A higher gram outer will generally lead to a stronger and more durable fabric material, likewise a lower outer weight fabric is a lighter material.

We recommend a higher gram outer for those rug wreckers who tend to rip, bite and destroy their own or paddock mates rugs. A more sensible horse that tends to keep their rugs rip free may be fine in a lighter 190g rug - Summer Sheet Lite.

Climate comes into play when considering the outer weight of your summer sheet. Warmer, more humid climates may better suit a lighterweight summer sheet, to help keep your horse cool. These include the Summer Sheet Lite, Summer Sheet Cotton. A milder climate may be suitable for either of the above rugs as well as the Summer Sheet with Full Wrap Tail Flap, which has a heavier outer.


WeatherBeeta Summer Sheets use a minimum of 60% cotton content.

This high cotton content assists with breathability and overall comfort for your horse. A lower cotton content decreases the breathability, which can cause you horse to sweat and become uncomfortable.




All WeatherBeeta Summer Sheets feature a UV Block of 95%+.

This high UV block helps prevent harmful UV rays and can help limit the bleaching of your horse’s coat. As well as protection from the sun, a Summer Sheet will help to keep your horse happy- protecting them from flies, insects and other biting bugs.

Take a closer look at our Summer Sheet rug options available below:

WeatherBeeta Summer Sheet with Full Wrap Tail Wrap

Has a strong 360g outer, making it by far the most durable choice. This makes it good for those rug wreckers. A suitable option for milder climates.

WeatherBeeta Summer Sheet Cotton

Has a 270g outer, which is strong yet not overly heavy. A good option for the sensible horse in the paddock and for a mild to hot climate.

WeatherBeeta Summer Sheet Lite

It is the lightest Summer Sheet option, with a cotton outer of 190g. This is suitable for all conditions, especially hotter or humid climates.