Why New MetaboLize is Getting Vets Excited

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Find out why equine veterinarians are taking notice of the latest science-backed, plant-based supplement from best-selling Aussie brand, Poseidon Animal Health. It helps your horse regulate sugar, and it’s making waves on the equine health scene!


Blood sugar is a hot topic in human wellbeing, and anyone who has a horse with blood sugar issues is likely to be an exhausted and slightly broke walking encyclopedia on the subject – but here’s a product you haven’t heard about yet, that’s set to change the equine nutrition playing field forever.


What’s the big deal about blood sugar dysregulation in horses?

Irregular blood sugar levels or insulin resistance are just as serious for horses as for humans. Metabolic issues often lead to serious long-term health challenges like Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS), Cushings (PPID), recurring Laminitis, obesity and resistance to weight loss. Fluctuating blood sugars can also cause ‘grass affected’ behaviour and chronic laminitis.

Correct nutrition, exercise, and careful management are the cornerstones of keeping our EMS and Cushing’s horses and ponies in tip-top healthy condition – but what about when that’s not enough?

For horses and ponies with EMS or Cushings (PPID), MetaboLize® is a breakthrough that offers a new quality of life.


What is MetaboLize®?

Created in Australia, MetaboLize® is a game-changing, completely natural, plant-based supplement to help horses better regulate their blood sugars. 

Not only is it designed to allow your horse to process and metabolise sugars more effectively, but it can also even help transition a damaged metabolism back to a healthy, balanced state.  

The secret weapon? Flavonoids! Flavonoids are phytonutrients naturally found in plants and berries, which have a wide range of health benefits. They have strong antioxidant activity, reduce inflammation, assist diabetes, support thyroid health, help control blood sugar levels, and may boost the intestinal barrier function, helping leaky gut and many more benefits. 

In addition to flavonoids, we have added prebiotics and probiotics for extra gut health support.

For horse owners who have tried every aspect of diet and lifestyle to help their EMS horse or pony, MetaboLize® provides an innovative new option to help break cycle of poor weight maintenance, fat lumps, cresty necks, inflammation and laminitis, and enjoy better quality of life.


Why is it causing a stir in the equine nutrition world?

Equine Veterinarian, Dr Erin Roddy, is raising awareness that we are facing a crisis in equine nutrition and metabolic disorders, with growing incidences of EMS, Cushings (PPID) and Insulin Dysregulation.

Roddy says, “Without an overhaul of the way we feed and manage horses, the prevalence of equine metabolic disorders (and the health consequences such as laminitis, insulin resistance, and obesity) will continue to increase.”

Chillingly, she reports that she personally has euthanized far too many horses who should have lived much longer, simply because it was not possible to keep them comfortable in the face of their metabolic disorder - due to owner finances, available facilities, time, or simply the continuing level of discomfort for the horse.

“I know that if I had a tool such as MetaboLize® available, a large percentage of these horses could have been saved.” says Dr Erin Roddy, DVM.

“I know that for so many of my clients who are doing all they can to help their horses with EMS or Cushing’s disease, MetaboLize® will finally improve their horse’s quality of life” she finishes, “and also hopefully ease some of the stress that owners experience when providing the intensive care required for affected horses.” 


Why would you buy MetaboLize® for your horse?

We recommend MetaboLize® if your horse is struggling with obesity despite being on a restricted diet, has visible fat lumps or bumps under the skin or an overly ‘cresty’ neck, or needs to be locked up for food restriction - and of course for horses who have been diagnosed with EMS or Cushing’s disease and have insulin dysregulation.

MetaboLize® also targets any horse who is particularly sensitive to sugar or starch in their diet or doesn’t tolerate grass well and becomes ‘grass affected, which you’ll most likely notice as ‘fizzy’ and reactive behaviour.

We also recommend MetaboLize® for horses and ponies suffering from chronic Laminitis, as blood sugar is a factor in the incidence of laminitis in horses.


Proven results in clinical trials

Clinically, horses on MetaboLize® showed great improvement in their overall demeanour, brightness, and desire to move forward and exercise even after just a short time. 

Poseidon Animal Health Founder, Linda Goldspink-Lord told us “We put a spring in their step, and we’re aiming to put a spring in the step of horse owners coping with EMS, Cushing’s and Laminitis too!”


If you recognise your horse’s health challenges in this article, then MetaboLize® may be for them! 

Join us for a FREE webinar on managing sugar in horses. Learn from equine experts: Dr Erin Roddy (Veterinarian), Nikita Stowers (Equine Nutritionist) and Linda Goldspink-Lord (Founder of Poseidon Animal Health). They will discuss how sugar impacts horses, and how to support horses to process and manage sugar.

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Written by Poseidon Animal Health in partnership with Horseland.