Many horses and owners have been devastated by the recent fires in Australia. To help them through these trying times Horseland has launched the Equine Assistance Appeal in conjunction with Quest Equine Welfare.

Horseland has already donated essential products to fire affected horses, ponies, donkeys and their owners in various states.

But, there is still a demand for further assistance within the equestrian community. How can you help?

New donated goods

Horseland stores will act as collection points for donated goods. These goods must be new, within use-by date and uncontaminated to further protect the health of horses. Items can be purchased from any equestrian supplier and donated via your nearest Horseland store.

Products in high demand:

- Cotton rugs
- Head collars & halters
- Lead ropes
- Fly masks & fly repellent
- Cohesive bandages & sterile pads
- Betadine products
- Medicated shampoos, lotions & sprays
- Fly repellent
- Hoof ointment
- Grooming products
- Feed buckets
- Hay bags


Goods will be distributed directly to those in need via our Horseland stores.

Cash donations

Horseland is supporting Quest Equine Welfare's Equine Assistance Appeal focused on sourcing and supplying feed and medical treatment, which is in urgent demand.

Quest is a not-for-profit, 100% volunteer run organisation dedicated to assisting equines in need.

Cash donations to Quest can be made in-store at Horseland in collection tins or donated online at

Horseland customers can also choose to donate Horseland Gift Cards to Quest which will be distributed to those in genuine need. This option will give recipients the ability to choose the products that they really need and pick the correct size rugs, head collars, etc.

We thank you in anticipation for your help and support

Quest Equine Welfare is an incorporated not-for-profit association, an endorsed deductible gift recipient, and is 100% volunteer run. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.