1) What are my start up costs for a Horseland Store?

Set up costs will vary between locations and the size of store.
You could set up and stock a new Horseland store from as little as $150,000, subject to approved borrowings.
For existing stores the costs will vary from store to store.

For some more detailed information on start up cost and store development and other associated costs, please contact the Horseland Franchise Development Manager.


2) How long does it take before can operate my own business?

From the initial inquires with Horseland through to signing the Franchise Agreement, the duration of the process will vary according to the needs and requirements of each applicant. In most cases entry into Horseland takes around twelve - fourteen weeks.


3) Are there any other hidden costs?

No. at the time of meeting with Horseland, we will explain the process - procedure including the costs associated with establishing your business or buying an existing store. You will receive from us a Disclosure Document that outlines all of the associated costs relating to owning and operating a Horseland store.

4) Do I receive any initial training and induction before I operate my store?

At Horseland we believe that the initial training development of our Franchisees represents an integral step in the development of successful Franchisees into our network, therefore Horseland provides all new Franchisees with an extensive training and induction program before the applicant begins the operation of their own business.

5.) Do I get monthly support from Head Office?

Yes, each store within our network is assigned a dedicated Sales & Service Manager.
Our team of Sales & Service Managers are specialists in their field and work closely with their stores, offering full support on all aspects of the end to end operations of a Horseland store and the overall business.

6.) Do I have to buy all my products from you?

No. Horseland has a range of direct suppliers who provide Horseland stores with a range of recommended products - all selected to compliment the Horseland product ranging strategies.

One of the key success drivers behind a Horseland store is the product ranging strategies. As a Franchisee, you will be guided on what products and recommended ranges are demanded by our consumers, then working closely with these ranges you will also see first hand the additional financial benefits that come about by working within the Horseland recommended ranging strategies.

7.) How many Meetings do I have to attend as a Franchisee?

As a Franchisee, you will be invited to our annual National Conference, as well as our annual State Meetings which support our two seasonal launches. These meetings provide you with the opportunity to network with fellow franchisees and Retail Support Centre staff; learn about new business initiatives, marketing campaigns and new seasonal product ranges.

8.) Do I get a secure Franchised Area?

Yes. Each Franchise agreement that is issued comes with a set territory for the specific business relating to the franchise agreement. These territories are normally defined by postcodes and as such the Franchisee can use the set territory to drive local area marketing initiatives.


9.) When did the first Horseland store open?

Horseland started more than 30 years ago in 1978 in Victoria. From its humble beginnings, Horseland has evolved into Australia's largest chain of retail equestrian products with stores set across the Nation.


10.) What is the advantage of being in a Horseland franchised system?

Horseland provides an efficient and successful Franchise formula that is a powerful turnkey business system, designed to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage leading to profitable growth and long term business success for its Franchisees.

Horseland's Franchise system adds value to its Franchisees by providing them with a proven and efficient operating business formula, that allows our Franchisees to do what they love doing - most and that is working in their stores, taking Horses with their Horse Loving Customers.


As a Horseland Franchisee, you are provided with support and direction on all aspects of the business and the industry. The Horseland network of stores is supported by a strong National Marketing campaign, including a series of seasonal and sale-time catalogues, database marketing and many other catchy marketing initiatives.


There are many other benefits to becoming a Horseland franchisee, such as access to predetermined relationships and trading terms with all of the key suppliers to the industry. Well established and proven recommended product ranging strategies. Full back office systems and IT support and of course a dedicated Business Development Manager to assist you with all aspects of your businesses operations.


As a Horseland Franchisee, you will enjoy the benefits of being a part of a well established retail network that is continuously striving to dominate the market by delivering best practice retailing standards, while also providing competitive products and services that the lead the industry. This is not something is easily achieved as an individual or standalone operator ...... and that's why we believe that being part of the Horseland system adds real value to all its Franchisees....