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An Evolution in Comfort, Style and Performance

The Dublin Legwear collection takes riding to a new level, with performance fabrics, cleaver features and modern designs. Take a closer look at our Breeches, Tights, and Jodhpurs to find your perfect legwear match.

Dublin JodhpursDublin Jodhpurs


Jodhpurs are full length and usually sit below the ankle, made from stretchy material. They are best worn with short jodhpur or paddock boots, with the extra fabric pulled above and over the boot. To prevent them riding up your leg, Jodhpur Clips can be worn to help keep the fabric down securely over your boots.

Dublin BreechesDublin Breeches


Breeches are designed to be shorter in length, usually stopping above the ankle. They are designed to be less bulky around the ankle to more comfortably fit Tall Boots or Chaps overtop. Many of the Dublin Breeches also feature a mesh breathable cuff, for less bulk and greater breathability for your leg.

Dublin TightsDublin Tights


Tights are a less traditional, yet highly popular style of legwear in the equestrian world. They are super lightweight, breathable, and easy to pull on, usually with no zips, buckles, or buttons. Tights can be worn with Tall Boots, Chaps, or on their own with a pair of runners if popping down the street.

 Dublin Tight Range

Whether you're riding, out in the yard or doing a workout, the new Dublin Tights collection will appeal to you. Designed with technical performance features and your comfort in mind. Take a closer look below.

Dublin Sculpt Tech High Rise TightsDublin Sculpt Tech High Rise Tights
Dublin Cool It Everyday TightsDublin Cool It Everyday Tights
Dublin Power Performance Mid Rise TightsDublin Power Performance Mid Rise Tights
For the ultimate everyday comfort, 4-way stretch fabric will allow your tights to move as freely as you do. Whether you’re riding, out in the yard or even doing a work out, the super flexible and stretchy fabric allows for freedom of movement and will even bounce back into place when you change positions.
When out riding or performing stable chores, breathable clothing is a must. The Dublin Tights are made from a highly breathable and lightweight fabric to help you stay cool and comfortable.
Feel confident knowing that your tights will be supportive and comfortable. The high compression material is not only supportive, but also flexible and will help sculpt for the perfect riding silhouette.
Ideal for those times when you need that extra security and grip in the saddle. The uniquely designed Gel Full seat allows grip for optimum stability without restricting your movement.
Your comfort is important and can impact your ability to perform. Dublin Tights are made from Comfort Dry Technology fabric, to enable to you to stay cool and dry. This works by managing sweating and moisture by drawing it away from your skin, also known as moisture wicking.

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