Gut Wellbeing Powder - 2.5KG


Gut Wellbeing Powder - 2.5KG

HORSELAND Gut Wellbeing Powder - 2.5KG

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A comprehensive digestive formula to support and maintain your horse’s gut health and aid in promoting wellbeing through a functional immune system
  • Specifically formulated with key ingredients that promote a healthy gut and provide necessary support for normal metabolism, detoxification and functional repair of the digestive system
  • Beneficial for horses and ponies that are fed hard feeds as part of their diet as it contains calcareous marine algae, a slow releasing buffering agent that helps neutralise acid in the digestive system for longer
  • Natural binders provide a lining to the stomach and intestines to promote the normal healing process and formation of healthy mucosal layers, beneficial for sensitive or damaged tissue
  • Prebiotics and probiotics are included to help maintain the balance of good bacteria in the gut and improve the digestive environment
  • Threonine supports production of mucin which is the digestive tract’s natural protective barrier between its sensitive tissues and its potentially harmful acidic contents
  • Essential amino acids lysine and methionine, provide the building blocks for optimal protein synthesis, performance and overall well-being
  • Key vitamins and minerals are incorporated to assist the horse’s natural antioxidant defence system to fight against free radicals and protect cells from damage
  • Safe for daily use in horses and ponies, lasting 40+ days for the average horse

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