Magnesium + Vit E Powder - 1KG


Magnesium + Vit E Powder - 1KG

HORSELAND Magnesium + Vit E Powder - 1KG

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A concentrated magnesium formulation with added vitamins (B1, B2 and E) that may assist with muscle relaxation and nervousness in horses.
  • Specifically formulated for use in horses that can be excitable or nervous or that have issues during periods of stress.
  • Includes a balanced blend of ingredients to also assist in metabolism activation and maintaining appetite.
  • Magnesium is provided in a readily absorbable form to be used in hundreds of processes in the body including nerve transmission, protein synthesis, strong bones and regulating blood sugar. It also helps to maintain efficient muscle function, limit nervous
  • The combination of magnesium and vitamin B1 may aid with reducing the normal stress response (i.e., increased heart rate, excitability, nervousness) when supplemented daily in horses.
  • Vitamin E is included as a potent antioxidant to reduce damage to cells and facilitate recovery especially in stressful environments such as competition, training and transport.
  • Beneficial in supporting overall health and wellbeing particularly when horses are tense and nervous.
  • Safe to use as a daily supplement in horses of all ages at all performance levels.
  • Palatable vanilla flavoured powder for easy feeding.

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