Racehorse Outplacement Program

Horseland Sponsors the Cyberhorse Racehorse Outplacement Program

Written by Vici Burgess

The Racehorse Outplacement Program is really growing and we are thrilled with the ongoing support and sponsorship from Horseland. The ‘Name the Filly’ contest couldn't have been more successful and Halo will continue to get some R & R with her caretaker Lyn Shand of Equus Thorough until she's ready for a new home.

In the last few weeks, our horses have greatly impressed us with their progress. Jewel, a 15.2h 4 year old unraced black mare is now jumping 1 meter fences, only 7 weeks into her training. News Just In, a 16.1h 6 year old bay gelding has been expanding his resume with work at the riding school, taking good care of novice riders in lessons. Super Barter, a 16.1h 6 year old chestnut mare has done a 180 degree turn and is now a relaxed and willing horse both on the ground and in the saddle now that she's realized there's nothing to worry about, and her floating movements are very promising.

To read more, visit the Racehorse Outplacement Program website at http://rop.cyberhorse.com.au

Each horse has a profile and a blog, with photos, videos and updates on their retraining progress and success. See something you like? Contact us via email (rop@cyberhorse.com.au) or phone (03 9746 1217) to talk about your favorite horse and don't forget the amazing (and ever growing) Buyer Support Package with over $2000 worth of free products and services from our sponsors, including very generous offers from Horseland!


ROP Horse Profiles

Velvet/Halo is doing well at her carer's farm, just relaxing and enjoying the good life in the paddock. She still isn't running around much, but certainly improving, and has found a new best friend, an ex-eventer named Beej - the two are quite inseparable!

El Caballo attended the Orbost Show this past weekend with his new owner, Liana. After only being together for one week, they managed to win their LED hack class, received 2nd in Smartest on Parade and jumped some really nice rounds of showjumping!

Liana and El Caballo were also called in for the final workout in the Special Thoroughbred Class and out of the 10 finalists, they just missed out on 3rd place. This event is the most prestigious class for the show, with every ring halted for it to be judged. Big congratulations to Liana and El on such a successful first outing! We can’t wait to see wherel else this pair goes in the future.

16.2h 6yo Bay Gelding
This guy is a real performance prospect! All class and as pleasurable to ride as he is to watch. At 16.2hh & 6yo he has the presence & athletic ability to go on to be a real promising performance horse for an aspiring rider. He is your text book ready to roll Thoroughbred that you won't have to give instructions to twice. Good movement, careful patient jump. ATTENTION "Eventers" this is your man! Currently competing in 80cm classes like a professional.

16.3h 11yo Grey Gelding
Superb big rhythmic movement and a wonderful temperament. This horse will suit a competitive rider interested in dressage or jumping. Sound basic education and he relishes his work. Larry is a kind, sensible and intelligent horse. He is good to shoe, float and worm. This horse will not disappoint! His current owner and retrainer also rode him a bit during trackwork and he received dressage training while still racing. He is a horse you can do almost anything on! Currently working in Grade 3 Dressage well.

16.1h 8yo Bay Gelding
Ned is in Stage 2 of his retraining and he's continuing to be a sweet and willing horse. Now working under saddle 4 times per week, he is collecting nicely and should make an excellent eventing horse. His back and butt muscles are building up quickly with a lot of trot and canter work, and he's been started over small fences without a worry.  A pleasure on the ground as well, easy to shoe, a dream to float, and easy to worm.

16.2h 12yo Black/Bay Gelding
What a steal for such an established horse, he has been in retraining since 2005! He is a tall and elegant gelding who commenced his show career in 2009 and has had multiple wins and a Championship from just 4 Agricultural Show outings! He is now with retrainer Sally Watkins in Euroa. Being a fluid and stylish mover with that all important presence, he is sure to appeal to serious show and dressage competitors alike. Affectionate and willing to please, he has already established himself as an impressive and consistent performer with great looks to match.

16h 7yo Bay Gelding
A good-looking horse in Stage Two of his retraining with Caroline Price. He is working around the arena under-saddle in the trot quite relaxed and level-headed, and becoming more responsive to the aids, and his canter is getting better. His lunge work is improving, and he is a naturally balanced and athletic horse with a lovely eventer-type jump on the lunge, very good behind and soft through his back over the fence.  He has been started over ground poles and small fences. He has a good work ethic and always greets his retrainer in the paddock, ready to go. Navigate isn't fussed to be alone and doesn't need another horse around to feel comfortable.

16.1h 6yo Chestnut Mare
Barbie is a beautiful, warmblood-type Thoroughbred in retraining from the track. She was quite a nervous horse after her time on the track and the foundation stages of her retraining took longer than expected, to gain her trust and show her that the saddle and a rider don't mean bad things. But after the lightbulb went off in her head, she's been a very relaxed and willing horse with a whole different and positive view on life. She has a floating trot and naturally rounds and collects herself at all gaits. She’s in Stage Two of her retraining and shows a lot of promise for dressage and perhaps eventing. She has been started over small vertical jumps.

15.2h 4yo Black/Bay Mare
Jewel is a very sweet and willing mare with a great work ethic. She's a smart girl with a natural knack for jumping, already doing small courses. She would be quite suitable for an adult amateur or young adult rider wanting to jump 1M courses, as well as compete in lower-level dressage and eventing.  Jewel's jumping is progressing really well despite only having been in training for 7 weeks and is now jumping 1 meter. She takes to the fences naturally and quite forward and really enjoys the activity. Good movement under saddle at all paces, this girl has a lot going for her with such a sweet and willing attitude. A young, beautiful and talented mare with such a level-head is hard to find!

16.1h 6yo Bay Gelding
This man has them talking! At his first show he managed to take home a win and Championship, but his attitude is his real attraction. A pleasure under saddle, jumping nicely and at 16.1hh and only 6yo he has all his career awaiting him.
In retraining with Hanley Equine, currently competing in 75cm classes. He also regularly visits the riding school and is a great teacher for the novice riders, taking good care of them. Justin is suitable for eventing and jumping, as well as adult riding club and pony club. He has a great temperament and classic TB looks. Will stand tied all day and is pleasure on the ground.

15.2h 10yo Chestnut Mare
Cherry is a beautiful red chestnut mare with just the sweetest temperament. Would make a great quiet hack or kid's pony. Ideal as a confidence-booster for beginners. Working well under-saddle at all paces and trotting and cantering 20m circles. She’s been started over fences and really seems to like it, being nicely forward and straight with no spooking or hesitation.

15.2h 8yo Chestnut Mare
Tammy is such a sweet mare and has the nicker to prove it!  At 15.2hh with such an easy-going temperament and stunning looks, she would make a great intermediate child's or young adult's horse. She is in the beginning stages of retraining, doing a lot of round yard and lunge work at all places to lose weight, build muscle and increase her flexibility. In the coming weeks we hope to find out her natural abilities and possible disciplines as we train!  

15.2h 8yo Bay Gelding
Andy has been a willing horse since day one and despite being initially wary of new situations or unknown objects, he always looks to his handler for guidance and has an open mind! He naturally has incredibly quick and agile movement. His quick response to leg pressure and ability to balance have him doing quite well in his barrel racing training. Andy is a natural, showing no fear of the barrels and maneuvering around them like a pro, with nice control and pops of speed. Andy is an all-around kind of guy, with a great attitude and willingness to please, so with the proper continued training in his buyer's chosen discipline, he would do well in almost anything! He requires a more experienced rider who can handle him when he gets strong, but also someone with a very calm and patient demeanor.

Horseland Proudly Supports the Racehorse Outplacement Program