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  • Kit includes a body brush, dandy brush, face brush, sweat scraper, hoof pick with brush and mane and tail brush All in an easy to transport backpack

  • Kit includes a body brush, dandy brush, curry comb, hoof pick, mane comb, sweat scraper and sponge All in an easy to transport backpack

  • Great for pulling dead hair follicles from the undercoat for a smooth overall coat

  • Square collapsible silicone bucket that contains all of your essential grooming supplies Contains a body brush, dandy brush, face brush, hoof pick with brush and curry comb

  • Ideal to use to remove loose hair Lightweight and easy to use Can be used wet or dry, great to lather shampoo Easy to clean and re-use Great tool to remove horse hair off saddle pads or horse rugs

  • Soft bristles gentle to use on horse's faces Pattern print back

  • Firm nylon bristles Great for removing mud and loose hair

  • Two shedding blades for faster shedding Rubber hand grips

  • …dust NRG GlossArena contains no harmful chemicals, is water based, conditions and softens hair and is suitable for all animals So easy and quick to groom with, you will want to use it every day, not just for the show ring For best results, wash and dry your horse before applying GlossArena Lightly…

  • These fabulous show checkers are used to make patterns on the horse's rump An attractive and quick way of getting your horse or pony show ready


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    Mane and tail thinner provides a pain free pulled look Easily and painlessly helps to remove winter coats fast

  • Double sided massage mitt Effectively removes all dirt and debris and is also ideal for massaging Made from flexible material which moulds to the contours of the animal

  • Concentrated rinse that brightens, whitens and removes stains from animal coats, tails and manes

  • NRG No-Nots makes grooming your horse far easier and conditions the hair simultaneously Water-based and free from harmful chemicals Conditions and de-tangles the mane and tails, making them far easier and quicker to brush Can also be used to help easily remove mud on your horse's coat Regular use…

  • Use wet or dry Great for giving horses a massage and for grooming and removing loose hairs especially during the shedding season

  • Attractive horse braid bands used to decorate the mane

  • Great grooming kit for those starting out and contains all the essentials for keeping your horse well groomed Comes in a handy reusable bag and contains a body brush, dandy brush, sweat scraper, curry comb, hoof pick with brush, mane comb, mane and tail comb, rubber bands and a sponge

  • The Roma Ultimate 10 Piece Grooming Kit has all the essentials for keeping your horse looking great in one neat kit, featuring: A plastic carry container with handy removable tray & strong clip to keep it secure Hoof pick & hoof oil with brush Large sponge & sweat scraper Plastic dandy brush, rubber…

  • Is a semi permanent water based hair colour Comes in three different colours: Chestnut to enhance your horses chestnut coat Brown to deepen the colour Black to darken any coat even more

315 Items found

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