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  • The ultimate Coat Care Pack containing 500ml bottles of Equinade Showsilk Shampoo Concentrate, Conditioner and Hair Polish

  • Highly concentrated to give you more washes in every bottle Has excellent cleaning qualities May assist skin conditions including eczema, scurf, ring worm and irritations

  • Equiwash Shampoo is an excellent value general purpose shampoo for your horse A gentle formulation suitable for regular use

  • An outstanding formula to clean, brighten, whiten and remove stains and yellow tinges Highlights white markings, whitens tails and manes and brightens all coat colours Does not contain bleach

  • Troy Hoss Gloss Shampoo is a medicated shampoo for show horses and cattle that not only cleans their coat, but also treats bacterial and fungal infections of the skin Can be used routinely as a shampoo

  • This shampoo penetrates and enriches with a special blend of oils, restoring the PH balance and repairing damaged coats Silver: Silver Highlight Shampoo achieves spectacular results on white and grey coats and deepens the colour on chestnuts, browns and blacks Natural: Use regularly and enjoy the…

  • Ideal to use to remove loose hair Lightweight and easy to use Can be used wet or dry, great to lather shampoo Easy to clean and re-use Great tool to remove horse hair off saddle pads or horse rugs

  • Gallop Stain Removing Shampoo is an extra thick, concentrated, purple formula with powerful stain removing properties to enable you to remove the most stubborn and ingrained grass and stable stains Ideal for light coloured horses and problem areas such as knees and hocks Cleans whiter than white ???…

  • Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoos are uniquely formulated luxury shampoos available for every colour of horse The shampoos can be used routinely but are ideal for show preparation for that extra edge These shampoos use colour enhancers and optical brighteners to intensify the natural coat colour to a…

  • …comb through well Tails ??? Hold the tail away from the horse, then gently drop sections of the hair through the mist spray Brush through with a soft body brush or comb For best results, shampoo first with Gallop Shampoo Can be used on wet or dry hair Results are immediate and last for up to 2 weeks

  • …rubbing Application: Spray evenly over the coat, then wipe over with a cloth or brush to achieve an even finish Can be used on wet or dry hair For best results, shampoo first with Gallop Shampoo Results are immediate and last for up to 7 days 600ml will last for up to 2 months, dependent on usage

  • Gallop Conditioning Shampoo has a distinctive, traditional aroma that removes dirt, sweat and grease from the coat and is suitable for routine use Thanks to the low foaming formula, it is quick to use and easy to rinse Application: Add 5-6 capfuls to a bucket of water, or apply undiluted to a wet…

  • Fully biodegradable, soap free shampoo which cleans and removes stains, but does not strip essential oils from the coat Silicon enhanced for the brightest sheen Built-in conditioner for the softest coat Foaming shampoo (no sud) for the quickest wash Advanced highlighter for enhanced coat colour

  • Gallop Medicated Shampoo is a high specification formula ideal for dry, flaky, itchy, scurfy and sensitive skin Soothes and calms irritated, sore, damaged and sensitive skin The pH neutral formula contains both antibacterial agents and natural oils that helps soften and lift scabs and dandruff…

  • Gallop Extra Strength Shampoo is an extra thick shampoo with double the level of active ingredients for superior cleaning Great for really dirty, greasy or light coloured horses, or the first wash of the year to leave the coat clean and shiny Application: Apply undiluted to a wet coat or add 5-6…

  • Epro Premium Glow Shampoo is a premium quality shampoo that gently conditions your horse

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