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  • EQUIMEC Plus Tape combines the power of ivermectin and praziquantel to provide complete protection against all major equine parasites, including potentially life threatening tapeworms PRODUCT BENEFITS: Broad spectrum roundworm, tapeworm and bot activity Controls all the important internal parasites…

  • …roundworm, tapeworm and bots as well as preventing skin lesions caused by biting external parasites (Habronema and Draschia spp) Contains Abermectin and Morantel Tartrate Ideal to rotate with your usual wormers to help prevent a build up of worm resistance Use every 6-8 weeks from 6 weeks of age

  • iO Equi-Dose Wormer is an oral broad spectrum parasite control paste for horses 37mg/g ABAMECTIN For treatment and control of roundworms (including arterial larval stages of Strongylus vulgaris and benzimidazole resistant small strongyles), bot and skin lesions caused by summer sores and Onchocerca…

  • …safe and effective wormer that controls internal equine parasites and all three species of bots An alternative to traditional paste and liquid wormers RECOMMENDED FOR: The palatable choice for horses that are difficult to worm, just add ERAQUELL to their feed A mectin-based wormer for the treatment…


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    Evolve is a broad-spectrum wormer & boticide for horses Evolve has an easy-grip, ergonomic handle so you can easily handle the syringe, no matter how big or small your hands are When your horse pauses for that split second, you???ll be ready! It also has an orange flavour that horses love There is a…

  • …Broad-spectrum combination wormer effective on all susceptible equine internal parasites including all three species of tapeworm and all three species of bots Unique combination of three active ingredients to combat or delay mectin and BZ resistance Ideal wormer for horses upwards from 6 weeks…


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    …STRATEGY-T a superior efficacy STRATEGY-T that has been shown to have comparable activity to mectin wormers (including benzimidazole resistant strains), making it Australia???s best non-mectin based wormer Safe to use on all types of horses including pregnant mares, foals and breeding stallions Each…

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