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    Equimec worm paste is a broad spectrum tube paste offering parasite protection against roundworms, bots & summer sore, featuring: * A wide safety margin so it can be used on horses of all ages * A low dose volume, so it is easier to administer * Wide opening for quick administering with adjustable dosage



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    Repels flies and other biting insects on ??? Horses ??? Dogs ??? Cattle ??? Pigs It can also be used to control fleas and lice on dogs The combination of natural Pyrethrins, Citronella Oil and synergists in a low irritant oil base result in longer acting insecticidal and repellent properties and…

  • Because accidents will happen! To keep your horse well you need to act fast! Don???t let minor problems become costly vet bills and help your horse make a full recovery by having Kelato???s Emergency First Aid Kit on hand in the event of an accident or injury This kit contains the essentials for…

  • Mag-E?? is the ideal supplement for working and travelling horses to provide a well absorbed form of magnesium, as well as essential Vitamin E and Vitamin B1, to help nerve and muscle function Mag-E?? is an innovative supplement developed after 4 years of field trials on thousands of horses High…

  • Permetrol is an insect and fly treatment for Horses and Dogs Horses: Controls;Pyrethroid sensitive flies; Buffalo Fly (Haematobia irritans exigua) Stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans) Biting insects (Culicoides sp) Treats Queensland Itch Dogs: Controls; Fleas (Ctenocephalides felis, Ct canis) Ticks…

  • All ingredients are 100% genuine, pure and undiluted natural ingredients and has been tested and used for over 50 years With 5 natural oils and vitamins that absorb quickly and promote healthy hooves Ideal for any breed of horse that requires quick, strong healthy growth for work, ring, racetracks…

  • Equinade Glo Shampoo enhances your horse's coat by intensifying and deepening the colour, while removing dirt and dust at the same time Great for darkening/intensifying bleached or damaged coats

  • WHAT IS RAPIGEL??? Clean and easy cold therapy Relieves pain and muscle soreness Reduce inflammation and swelling in joints and tendons Convenient portable cold therapy Clear gel formula leaves no sticky residue RECOMMENDED FOR: Pain or soreness associated with muscle, joint and tendon injuries…

  • TuffRock Poultice??? is a topical preparation and brace It is the first 100% all natural product in the world manufactured from molecular reinforced hydrated alumino-silicates TuffRock Poultice??? is generally regarded as safe (GRAS) and aids in the recovery from impact injuries, swelling, cuts &…

  • NRG Pink Nose provides natural sun protection in a soothing cream for your horse, developed specifically for hot, windy Australian climates & works by: Incorporating Zinc, Vitamin E & natural oils to absorb into the skin & provide a lasting barrier against the elements while restoring dry & burnt…

  • Ker B-Quiet supplement helps to calm nervous performance horses: * Made with a thiamine formula to help reduce nervous or irritable behavior * Can also help reduce the risk of weight loss associated with anxious behavior * Easy to administer daily mixed with feed

  • * Oakwood

  • WHAT IS EQUIMAX?? ELEVATION? Broad-spectrum combination wormer effective on all susceptible equine internal parasites including all three species of tapeworm and all three species of bots Unique combination of three active ingredients to combat or delay mectin and BZ resistance Ideal wormer for…

  • Equimax Paste

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    * perfect rotational wormer

  • Ammo Allwormer Paste kills roundworm, tapeworm and bots as well as preventing skin lesions caused by biting external parasites (Habronema and Draschia spp) Contains Abermectin and Morantel Tartrate Ideal to rotate with your usual wormers to help prevent a build up of worm resistance Use every 6-8…

  • The cr??me is white and thick and comes in a tub Due to its essential oils, the cr??me has a pleasant aromatic odour When the Cr??me is rubbed into the skin it becomes transparent and leaves no oily residue

  • Powerful anti-bacterial and antifungal activity Strong astringent and germicidal action Safe, effective and easy first aid for all skin damage and infections No added pharmaceutical drugs Smooth, easy to apply zinc cream base All natural ingredients

  • * Designed to nourish deep within the keratin cells of the hoof Reduces the potential for stressing and cracking to appear in the outer wall layer * Ideal for treating vertical cracking, sand/ minor cracking or brittle hooves * Includes a range of plant oils, specially selected to provide a broad…

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