Amanda Ross    



Where do you live:

Boneo, Vic 

When did you start riding:

I first sat on a horse when I was two, & scored my own first pony at eight.

Why did you start riding:

Mum got back into riding after having my brother & I, so she brought me along when she rode. It kind of backfired & I took over!


William Wordsworth, Loxley, Nautilus, & Riddick.

Favourite horse/s:

My Olympic horse Otto Schumaker, 3* eventers & FEI dressage horse Wynella Rialto, 4* eventers Koyuna Tora Bora... & of course my current team!

Describe a typical day for you:

I always begin my day with a fitness session, whether it's a long run, a shorter run with a short gym session, or a longer gym session.

Then I have lessons to teach, my horses to school, & clients horses to school. This takes all day at warp speed! I also try to fit in writing articles for EQ Life mag, send emails/arrange my coaching schedule/write my 'Eventing Fit' Facebook posts/catch up on fitness & business podcasts... I need a PA!

Highest achievement:

Competing in the Individual 3DE at the Sydney Games in 2000.

Who is the most influential person in your riding career:

Heath Ryan is an amazing rider, coach, competitor, motivator, philosopher & worker. I'm so thankful for being able to train with him in the early days, as it definitely shaped many of my thoughts, actions & skills as a rider today.

Who or what inspires you:

I really thrive on being surrounded by like minded, motivated, healthy people, with a good sense of humor & a thirst for knowledge. 

My mum Anni has always been the number one ticket holder during my riding career. I love having her as part of the team; she's like a friend, Mum, diligent groom & chirpy bird all in one!

What is your favourite competition accessory:

Saddletight boot stick. Glue me on please!

What advice would you give to other riders:

Where do I start?! 

1) Find a great coach & train as often as you possibly can with them!!

2) Practice diligently, with intelligence, determination & empathy.

3) Be part of the athletic team that is the horse & rider - ie, keep fit & healthy for greater success & that winning edge.

4) Google, listen, watch, question... There's always learning to be done!

What do you do outside of the horse world:

I love running, fitness, a healthy lifestyle & nutrition. Aside from chocolate & coffee...!

I'm a Personal Trainer, write blogs & articles for EQ Life magazine, love the beach, my two staffy dogs, & have a slight addiction to Lululemon athletica clothing, & Nike & Solomon runners...


1) Fitness. Mental & physical.

2) A great backup team.

3) Good horses who want to please.

4) A passion for the sport.

   Amanda RossAmanda RossAmanda RossAmanda Ross

Photos courtesy of photographer Jenelle Christopher