Horseland Sponsored Rider - Cassie Lowe

Cassie Lowe

Date of Birth: 16/7/88

Where do you live: Lyndhurst

When did you start riding: I started riding when i was 4 years old

Why did you start riding: My mum rode horses when she was younger and my two older sisters started riding from a young age also. We all went to the local Pony Club together - it was the highlight of every month!

Horses: Bentleigh Gambler, Contango Columbus, Koko Black, Connor, Hunter and Ebony.

Favourite horse/s: Bentleigh Gambler and Contango Columbus

Describe a typical day for you: 6am wake up, feed up and clean stables, work my five horses, work any clients horses and teach one or two lessons in the afternoon and then feed up.

Highest achievement: 15th at my first Adelaide 3DE 4**** 2010, 6th Sydney 3DE 3*** 2010

Who is the most influential person in your riding career: My coaches Scarlett Blackley and Jamie Coman

Who or what inspires you: My dad, he is the hardest working person I know!

What is your favourite competition accessory: My whip!!

What advice would you give to other riders: Work hard and keep smiling!

What do you do outside of the Horse world: I love going to the races not only for the horses but the fashion also! My family have several race horses and my sisters and I have been involved in the fashions on the field for over ten years now.

SECRETS FOR SUCCESS: As i said before, work hard and keep smiling!