Horseland Sponsored Rider - Chelsea Priestley

Sponsored Rider- Chelsea Priestley


Date of Birth: 13/03/89


Where do you live: Seville (Yarra Valley) VIC


When did you start riding: Wandin Riding Academy


Why did you start riding: My mum has ridden all her life so it didn’t take me long to get in to riding and she also taught at Wandin Riding Academy so I started with her.


Horse/s: Ashleigh Longtime (Timmy).


Favourite horse/s: The horse I have now!!! Very lucky to have such a lovely horse.


Describe a typical day for you: Get up early, go and check my horse and rug him. Head to work (Weatherbeeta sales team) from 8.45am till 5pm, go up to horse and ride him every night then go home have dinner and go to bed. If I’m feeling really good I’ll try get up earlier in a morning and ride before work but this rarely happens as I love my bed too much.


Highest achievement: Coming 3rd at Melbourne 3 Day Event 2012 in a field of 76 competitors.


Who is the most influential person in your riding career: My mum! She is always there to support me in such an expensive sport and is always there as my groom!!


Who or what inspires you: My coach Emily Anker. She works so hard for her achievements and is always there to help me with whatever it is I need and has really helped me achieve all my results.


What is your favourite competition accessory: My Dublin Arista helmet.


What advice would you give to other riders: Work hard and your luck will come!!


SECRETS FOR SUCCESS: Surround yourself with positive people and love what you do!