Where do you live:


When did you start riding:

I had first riding lesson at 8 years of age at local riding school

Why did you start riding:

I was obsessed with horses, rode my BMX endless jump courses in back yard pretending it was my much wanted pony 

Favourite horse/s:

Mickey or Aris Amerigo (my eventer)

Describe a typical day for you:

Begin the day usually getting my boys ready and off to school, usually scooting out during that to feed, unrug and check horses, return school runs and work my three and anyone else's horse here for training, teach few riding lessons after that or any farm/garden maintenance needs doing (like most properties always a list) pick boys up from school and either gym or various after school activities,  feed and rug horses, cook dinner, household chores and get ready next day. Like most horse people a lot more time spent outside then inside.

Highest achievement:

Apart from my first event back after breaking my leg badly, Mickey and I have always managed a top three placing in every horse trials we have ever entered over last three years.

Who is the most influential person in your riding career:

Different times in your life you have different influences; some people who definitely had big contribution, Antony Bartlett my dressage coach, great friend and extremely positive influence, Will Enzinger my jump coach who gives me so much confidence and Katy Welsh a close friend and someone I have competed with and against over many years.

Who or what inspires you:

The above three people inspire me but generally I pretty self motivated and enjoy what I do.

What is your favourite competition accessory:

Mickey and my Spooks jacket my friends gave me for my 40th

What advice would you give to other riders:

A quote Rozzie Ryan said to me years ago "your horse is your best teacher, you just need to learn to listen" Rozzie another person I forgot who inspires me, lovely rider.

What do you do outside of the horse world:

Watch lot of football as live in all male household.


persistence will prevail when all else fails