Horseland Sponsored Rider - Mary Hanna




Date of birth: 01/12/54


Where do you live: Bellarine, Victoria


When did you first start riding: When I was still in nappies!


Why did you start riding: Because everyone in my family did! I come from a very horsey family.


Favourite Horse/s: Sancette, Umbro and Boggie Woogie



Describe a typical day for you: I ride four horses in the morning, followed by teaching in the afternoon. 


Highest achievement: It would have to be representing Australia several times at the Olympics and winning several Grand Prix national championships.


Who is the most influential person in your riding career: So many people have contributed to my career. Too many to mention them all! Kyra Kyrklund and Clemens Dierks have both been very influential and of course my husband.


Who or what inspires you: I love the challenge of training horses. To gain their highest level is a wonderful thing. Training is definitely what I love most.


What's your favourite competition accessory: My gold and diamond stock pin, which was a gift from my husband.


What advise would you give to other riders: Always stay positive and do not let negative people pull you down.


What do you do outside of the horse world: Outside the horsey world I like sailing and golf. 


SECRETS FOR SUCCESS: You will have to read my book :)