Horseland Sponsored Rider - Megan Cheeseman

Megan Cheeseman, Horseland Sponsored Rider & Barastoc Show Hunter Champion

Sponsored rider Megan Cheeseman



Where do you live?

 Healesville, Victoria.


When did you start riding?

 Around 2 - competed at my first Royal Melbourne show when I was 4.


Why did you start riding?

 It’s the family hobby - Mum has ridden most of her life too and still does.


What are your horses' names?

 My main horse is Gleneagles Giorgio (Giorgio). Other horses in the family are Lexington Avenue (Indy) and Exclusive to Mayfair (Annie).


Which is your favourite horse?

 Gleneagles Giorgio J, Regardez Moi, Moorlands Totalis, Matchabelli Muffet (Muffy - she taught me so much from jumping to learning to ride sidesaddle. There was nothing that she couldn’t do!).


Describe a typical day for you...

 Up at 6:45am to feed the horses and clean the stables, then head off to work. Get home around 6pm, lunge or ride Giorgio and then feed the others. Get inside for dinner at about 8:30pm, do a final muck out and turn lights out at about 11pm. On the weekends my family and I will head out to competitions. 


What is your highest achievement to date?

Champion Hack, Champion Led Hack and Best Novice Hack at the Royal Geelong Show 2006. Runner up Senior Rider twice at EV State Show Horse Titles. Won Rider Class at the Royal Canberra Show. Barastoc Heavyweight Show Hunter Saddle Horse of the Year 2011. Champion Showhunter Melbourne Royal Horse Show 2011. Champion Arabian Derivative Melbourne Royal Horse Show 2011.


Who is the most influential person in your riding career?

My mum.


Who or what inspires you? 

Becky Allen - she is highly successful in both Showjumping and Showing and is highly respected. She always has time for anyone and has a very positive outlook on everything, even at the worst of times. She passes on her knowledge and experience with a kind hand when you need help. She inspires me because even though she is at an elite level she has time to help, comfort and even have a friendly chat with every level of competitor.  


What is your favourite competition accessory?

Champion Tails White Cover Cream - to Make Giorgio’s white sock gleam!  And my new Bates Isabell Saddle - it's amazing!


What advice would you give to other riders? 

If you are unsure about something ask someone who knows. When it comes to horses, it is easier to learn something correctly than it is fix something that’s done wrong. 


Secrets for Success...

Presentation is as important outside the competition ring as it is inside. You never know who is watching and what impressions you are making. Always be nice to your competition on your way to the top of your success, because you are going to meet them again on your way back down.