Horseland Sponsored Rider - Rachael Downs (Sanna)

Top dressage rider Rachael Sanna competed at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and represented Australia at the World Equestrian Games.

We are loving the new blog by Rachael Downs (Sanna)! Follow her and Jaybee Alabaster's progress, challenges and triumphs in Europe. Click here to follow her blog: 


Rachael Sanna

Date of Birth: 17th December 1972

Where do you live? Glossodia NSW

When did you start riding?
6 years old

Why did you start riding?
School friends had horses and I loved it.

Horse/s: Jaybee Allstar, Chatham Park Albert, Crystal

Favourite Horse: C.P. Albert

Describe a typical day for you: Kids to school by 8:45am, ride til 2:30pm and breeding, breaking in, handling young stock - otherwise, much prefer to hang out with my kids after school.

Highest achievement:
Sydney Olympics.

Highlight of career so far: 4 Beautiful Grand Prix Horses at International Level.

Who is the most influential person in your riding career? Mum, Dad, Husband, Clemens, Dierks.

Who or what inspires you: My Family.

What is your favourite competition accessory? Good looking Dublin helmets to provide safety for riding young horses.

What is the handiest item in your tack room? Wintec Chafeless Girth 60cm. Goes on every Horse.

What advice would you give to other riders? Have fun with your horse.

What do you do outside of the Horse world?
Play with my children, after school sport, movies, hang out with my husband.

1) Aim for the stars and you may end up soaring with the eagles.
2) Must have fun with every horse you ride.
3) Have something outside horses that you love doing.