Horseland Sponsored Rider - Rebecca Farrow

Rebecca is a champion show rider!



Date of Birth: 22 October (Can't remember what year!!)

Where do you live? Gruyere, Victoria

When did you start riding?
When I was about 4 years old. I got my first pony when I was 6.

Why did you start riding? I was introduced to riding by my Mum, Jan, who used to compete when she was young and is still very horsey. Subsequently I have been horse mad since I could talk and have always been very determined!

Horse/s: Stage Lyric and Stage Idol

Favourite Horse: Stage Whisper - who is happily retired at home!

Describe a typical day for you: Like most horsey people, the days are long! As I work full time I need to work my horses either before or after work and often work one either end of the day. Daylight savings is fabulous but I seem to stay down at the stables forever! Winter is a little tougher, but I am fortunate to have lights on my arena so my riding is done in the evening when it isn't quite as chilly!!

Highest achievement: Winning the Garryowen (Stage Whisper), Winning Grand National Rider of the Year 2006 and Grand National runner-up Hack of the Year 2006 (Stage Idol) Winning The Pope Cup at Melbourne Royal (Stage Whisper)

Highlight of career so far: I would have to say winning The Garryowen has probably been the highlight, as it is considered the most prestigious event within showing for female riders in Australia. The highlight for me has also been working with beautiful thoroughbreds and bringing them on from the racetrack to the show ring.

Who is the most influential person in your riding career?
I have to say my Mum as she has been my advisor for many years!

Who or what inspires you: I think there are many people you can learn and draw inspiration from and believe you can learn from many people across different disciplines. I am personally inspired by the satisfaction of bringing on young thoroughbreds to achieve at the highest possible level in the show ring.

What is your favourite competition accessory? One of my favourite competition accessories is the range of Champion Tails products. I use the Champion Tails Shampoo & Conditioner, water glaze & coat shine, and the highlights, to prepare my horses for the show ring.

What is the handiest item in your tack room? I rely on the Wahl adjustable clippers for a quality clip job on my horses. As presentation is so important in the show ring, I can always rely on the Wahl clippers to give a super professional finish. I also love the Good Hands Easy Care Ride'n'Wash gloves. I live in these! They are super to ride in as they give you good grip without being thick and bulky. I also wear them to do daily stable chores to save my hands! The best thing?.......I can wash them!

What advice would you give to other riders?
No matter how big or small it is, always have a goal in mind and make sure you enjoy yourself along the way! Don't lose sight of the big picture!

What do you do outside of the Horse world? I work as Sales & Marketing Manager for a winery in the Yarra Valley. Other outside interests include food and wine, travel and surfing.......if I can find the time!