Sponsored Rider - Rebecca Woff

Rebecca Woff, Horseland Sponsored Rider & Grand Prix Dressage Rider



Date of Birth:

19th May 1984


Where do you live?

Upper Beaconsfield, Victoria


When did you start riding?

I got my first pony when I was 5 years old


Why did you start riding?

We had horses in the paddock that adjoined our back fence and I would spend all my time with them. Riding was the only sport that I wanted to do and I just loved the horses.


What are you horses' names?

Jazzari, Furstin Lulu and APH Showman (retired)



Describe a typical day for you...

I work as a school teacher, so I put the horses out and clean the stables in the morning. Afterschool is when I will ride the horses and squeeze in a lesson or two depending on the day of the week. After riding, which is usually around 9:30pm, it is then inside for corrections!


What is your highest achievement to date?

Victorian Intermediate I Champion, National Youth Development Squad, and training Spock to Grand Prix


Who is the most influential person in your riding career?

 I have been very fortunate in my riding career so far to have been given the opportunity to work with, and train with, some very amazing people, both here in Australia and in Germany. Each one of these people have inspired me and taught me something that I still hold today.


What inspires you?

 People that are passionate about what they do.


What is your favourite competition accessory?

 My Roeckl gloves, they give me confidence no matter what the weather and my stock pins! I have a collection of pins that have been given to me as gifts over the years.


What advice would you give to other riders?

Work hard, stay focused and you must first and foremost love your horses.


What do you do outside of the horse world?

I love to go out for dinner, go to the movies, shop, day spas, and skiing.


Secret for success...

 Work hard, find what you love and give it your all. Surround yourself with people who support and share your dreams.