Horseland Sponsored Rider - Rozzie Ryan

Rozzie Ryan is a leading Grand Prix dressage rider for Australia and was reserve rider for the Australian Dressage Team at the Beijing Olympics.

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Date of Birth: 10th April 1956

Where do you live? Heatherbrae, NSW

When did you start riding? When I was 3

Why did you start riding? Don't suppose I thought much about it at 3! I just saw my mother and brother on horses and apparently pinched my brother's pony - Blackie.

Horse/s: Jive Magic and Jackman R

Favourite Horse: Apart from Jive Magic, Excellent Stirling Wilton, Greonoalo Legend, Donna Carrera.

Describe a typical day for you: Riding, teaching, cooking, washing, cleaning and the constant tidying which at our place is an ongoing requirement.

Highest achievement: Represented Australia at WEG. European Championships and Research for Hong Kong Olympics.

Highlight of career so far: Scoring 70% in a Freestyle in Germany was great. Need to repeat that in a Grand Prix Test.

Who is the most influential person in your riding career? My Mother who introduced me to horses and Heath who is a constant motivator.

Who or what inspires you: My horses, fellow competitors and seeing wonderful horse and rider partnerships.

What is your favourite competition accessory? My Bates Saddles.

What advice would you give to other riders? Get plenty of competition experience and try no to let opportunities pass you by. For example, go even if it's raining cats and dogs.

What do you do outside of the Horse world? I love going to the movies and also the ballet. I also enjoy sketching (mostly horses).

SECRETS FOR SUCCESS: Stay focused on your goals. Stay focused when you are riding. Watch and listen to people who are riding at a higher level to you. Always put your gear away.