Horseland Sponsored Rider - Shanon McKimmie


Sponsored Rider - Shanon McKimmie



Date of birth: 03/08/1991


Where do you live: Kyneton Victoria.


When did you first start riding: I started riding at 3yo


Why did you start riding: Being only 3yo I have no idea why, I guess ponies where pretty! But my dad was horsey so that inspired me.


Horse/s: Ambassi ( 7yo imp KWPN gelding ) Fantastich ( 6yo Florestan gelding ) Nungarra Rock Hit ( 3yo Royal Hit gelding ).


Favourite horse: My favourite horse would have to be Mosaic II (Mary Hanna's Atlanta Olympic horse) I was lucky enough to ride and compete "Robbie" for 2years before he was retired. He taught me so much! But Ambassi is in a close 2nd, he just has the best and most lovable personality.


Describe a typical day for you: Well depends on what day of the week it is. I usually get up early feed all the horses and put them out into their paddocks, then go to work at a boutique Racehorse/show horse stud for 5hrs.Then home to ride anywhere between 1 and 5 horses a day, teach my students after that or on weekends. Then the usual stable cleaning feeding bringing horses in and preparing to do it all again tomorrow!


Highest achievement: Winning the 2008 Aachen challenge, training my first horse from 3yo to Grand Prix at 18yo, winning the CDI Y class at Dressage With The Stars 2012, being the only Victorian rider on the National Youth Elite Squad.


Who is the most influential person in your riding career: I would have to say Mary Hanna, I started having lessons with her when I was 11yo. She has taught me everything I know.


Who or what inspires you: I would have to say recently Carl Hester. He started out like everyone else at the bottom of the food chain and he has built himself up to the amazing rider he is by skill and hard work not just money.


What's your favourite competition accessory: I have too many to pick just one!


What advise would you give to other riders: Hard work and dedication does pay off in the end, never give up!


SECRETS FOR SUCCESS: Ride rain hale or shine! Set your goals and never give up till you achieve them :-)