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Horse Rugs and Blankets : Great range of Sizes


A good quality Horse Rug can provide protection for your horse from the weather and other elements, keeping your horse warm in winter and cool in summer. There are many horse rug brands available for sale...but nothing beats a Weatherbeeta or Saxon rug for price, value and quality. We have a huge range of horse rugs and blankets for sale in a large selection of sizes and sizing.


The horse rug or blanket is designed to fit snuggly around the horse's body using straps to secure the rug around the belly, front and hind legs. Horseland has a huge range of horse rugs of varying sizes, colours and weights including  Turnout and Paddock horse rugs, Stable Horse Rugs, Cooler and Fleece Horse Rugs, Summer and Show Horse Sheets, Neck Horse Rugs, Horse Hoods, Horse Rug Accessories, Tail bags and Exercise Horse Sheets.


Visit your local Horseland store today or shop online to view hundreds of horse rugs and horse blankets.